• Alma Aromatherapy Cedarwood+sweet orange beard oil



    Almond oil

    Almond oil is mild, hypoallergenic, rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids and minerals. It absorbs quickly

    Castor oil

    Promotes hair growth and makes hair look rich and thick. It is also great to keep your skin moisturized. Even though it is a little sticky, it absorbs quickly just like almond oil. No sticky hands after use!

    Cedarwood Essential Oil

    Like castor oil, Cedarwood also promotes hair growth. It is our favorite scent for men that girls will also appreciate

    Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Sweet orange helps remove toxins from the skin and hair, it eases inflammation on the skin making it perfect for oily skin. Its citrusy smell is the perfect balance for Cedarwood’s woodsy scent.

    You can also use this as a body oil!

    Our products are free of preservatives. Please use at the time of purchase.

  • Vegan bamboo dryer balls


    undyed bamboo dryer balls are the tops if you’re looking for simple eco friendly goodness. No dyes, just pure uncolored all natural bamboo. Pair it with your favorite essential oil scent and you’ve got an amazing 100% natural fabric softener!

    More information:
    ~100% vegan
    ~100% bamboo to the core.
    ~Handmade in the USA (San Antonio, Texas).
    ~No chemicals are used in our manufacturing process, ever.
    ~We wash our dryer balls with soap nuts to ensure they are safe for even the most sensitive skin.
    ~Will not strip PJ’s of their flame-resistant qualities as fabric softeners do.
    ~Easy to re-scent, leaving your laundry with a soft scent of your choice.
    ~Prices are marked individually.

  • Metal tongue scraper


    Tongue cleaning, also known as tongue scraping, is the daily Ayurvedic ritual of gently scraping unwanted toxins & residue off of the tongue. Traditionally this practice is done with copper for its powerful antiseptic effects. Tongue cleaning eliminates the bacteria which causes bad breath, draws ama, or toxins, out of the body & improves digestion by stimulating the taste buds. Experience the ultimate oral hygiene tool! MADE OF 100% COPPER IN INDIA. MUSLIN TRAVEL POUCH INCLUDED.

  • Jungle Flower Alchemy flower essence


    Flower essences are a part of an emerging field of vibrational medicine, aligning with homeopathy, acupuncture, reiki, and similar modalities. They’re liquid extracts created and utilized to address issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.

  • tvheadco wooden wallet


    Wooden Wallet made out of recycled Wenge wood. Minimalist design with 2 planks of wood and an adjustable wrap around band to hold all your belongings in place. Each wallet comes with 2 elastic bands. solid Black and Black with a red and blue strap.

  • Feel Namo hidrosol mist


    namo is a 100% organic plant-based facial spray elixir. it is made of home grown organic holy basil, also known as tulsi, and lime that can be used anywhere at anytime!
    each namo now comes in its own protective organic linen bag to be saved and reused over and over!

  • Truthbrush bamboo toothbrush


    Made of bamboo, not plastic, this brush helps to eliminate one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution

  • Alma Aromatherapy stress relief roll on


    Ingredients:Almond Oil

    Rich in vitamin e, vitamin a and other minerals that are great to keep your skin moisturized. It absorbs quickly and won’t leave your skin sticky


    Helps relieve pain in muscles and joints, boosts confidence, mental strength and uplifts spirits

    Tea Tree

    Has anti-microbial properties that destroy the bacteria on your skin that causes body odor, boosts immunity


    A natural sedative, calming lavender is known for its ability to improve and deepen sleep, and relieve pain, anxiety, emotional stress and tension. Increases mental clarity. Its smell is light and delicious!


    Acts as a relaxant on the mind, relieving stress and anxiety.

    Apply to wrists, temples, and/or neck!

Ashk the box


Read more

Ashk is a subscription box with sustainable products (a monthly gift to you or your loved ones). Ashk is the phonetic equivalent of the turkish word Aşk (I wanted to use Aşk, but in America very few people would know how to pronounce it and would get confusing).

Aşk means Love in turkish, it is a powerful word, there is a history behind the reason I picked the name. Aşk means love in turkish, my journey started when I met the most amazing dog, I named her Aşk, she honored her name, she was only love…

We would go for long walks everyday to either parks, beaches or forests, and that’s how I was made aware of all the litter we are exposed to everywhere. Plastic has invaded our lives… But not only outside, inside, we are eating it, wearing it, inhaling it… It is making us sick… It is killing wild life…. Ashk was my best friend and companion for 6 years, we lost the battle with Cushing’s disease, sharing time and adventures with her made me more aware and helped me start a holistic journey. I couldn’t save Aşk but I promised myself and her I was going to become a better version of myself and contribute to save the planet… This is my tribute to Aşk for teaching me to honor and love this planet. This is all we have… Animals know how to live in harmony with nature, it’s time we learn to do the same.

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