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Ashk is a subscription box with sustainable products (a monthly gift to you or your loved ones). Ashk is the phonetic equivalent of the turkish word Aşk (I wanted to use Aşk, but in America very few people would know how to pronounce it and would get confusing).

Aşk means Love in turkish, it is a powerful word, there is a history behind the reason I picked the name. Aşk means love in turkish, my journey started when I met the most amazing dog, I named her Aşk, she honored her name, she was only love…

We would go for long walks everyday to either parks, beaches or forests, and that’s how I was made aware of all the litter we are exposed to everywhere. Plastic has invaded our lives… But not only outside, inside, we are eating it, wearing it, inhaling it… It is making us sick… It is killing wild life…. Ashk was my best friend and companion for 6 years, we lost the battle with Cushing’s disease, sharing time and adventures with her made me more aware and helped me start a holistic journey. I couldn’t save Aşk but I promised myself and her I was going to become a better version of myself and contribute to save the planet… This is my tribute to Aşk for teaching me to honor and love this planet. This is all we have… Animals know how to live in harmony with nature, it’s time we learn to do the same.

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