Why Shop with ASHK the BOX?

At ASHK the BOX, we love to curate the most special sustainable products. We want to raise awareness, promote sustainability, support local businesses (Florida) and/or made in the USA. Create community Concious.

We only sell authentically natural & organic products. We check the ingredient lists of all products sold and disclose full ingredient lists of every product so that you can shop in peace, knowing that you are buying genuinely safe products

Most of our prices are below the recommended retail price so you get great savings

We have a great loyalty program so every time you shop, or recommend Friends you get points to discount against your next order

Processing time is typically 5-10 business days. Keep in mind, processing time may vary depending on sales, promotions, and holidays.

Our delivery costs are very reasonable

We include free literature in almost every order that we send out.

We use recyclable packaging and boxes at every opportunity.

We give free advice and recommendation by phone and email.

We deliver orders to every single address in the USA and Canada.

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