Alma Aromatherapy Cedarwood+sweet orange beard oil

Alma Aromatherapy Cedarwood+sweet orange beard oil



Almond oil

Almond oil is mild, hypoallergenic, rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids and minerals. It absorbs quickly

Castor oil

Promotes hair growth and makes hair look rich and thick. It is also great to keep your skin moisturized. Even though it is a little sticky, it absorbs quickly just like almond oil. No sticky hands after use!

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Like castor oil, Cedarwood also promotes hair growth. It is our favorite scent for men that girls will also appreciate

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange helps remove toxins from the skin and hair, it eases inflammation on the skin making it perfect for oily skin. Its citrusy smell is the perfect balance for Cedarwood’s woodsy scent.

You can also use this as a body oil!

Our products are free of preservatives. Please use at the time of purchase.

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